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Wedding Photography FAQ

People tend to only get involved with weddings once or twice, as a bride or groom, or as a close member of the wedding party helping with the planning. I photograph a lot of weddings, so I thought I would help by answering some of the more frequently asked questions. 

  • Why pay for a photographer when my uncle/aunt/brother/dog has a DSLR?

    It is a good question, to which there are three points to address.

    1. Yes everyone does have a camera, either DSLR or mobile phone. But that does not mean that they can take a good photo. It certainly does not mean they can document your whole wedding with great photos. Last year I took over 60,000 images, spent hundreds of hours in seminars, taking low light images, working on best practice, etc. There is a lot of work involved in getting to be a good photographer, certainly more than someone with an expensive camera set to Auto!

    2. Weddings are dark places to take photos. Sat in a sunny garden for a barbecue, and your phone or camera will take a nice picture. If you were to try to take photos of action in low light, you will end up with blurry and grainy images - certainly not something that you can fill that frame that you got as a wedding gift!

    3. At some point, your uncle/aunt/brother/dog is going to want to enjoy themselves. For me, a whole day of photographing a wedding is non-stop from the moment I arrive for getting ready, to leaving last thing at night when everyone is drunk on the dance floor. My advice is, even if you have a professional photographer in the family, if you want them to be involved with your day, don't make them repsonsible as the photographer, DJ, or anything else!

  • Can I have a bespoke package?

    Of course! The main reason I offer standard packages is to give a starting point. If I said "what do you want?", you probably wouldn't know the answer. But if you want one of the standard packages with a few changes, or a complete bespoke service, I am happy to discuss your requirements.

  • Is it cheaper without the Engagement Photos?

    I realise that people are trying to save money on the very expensive occasion of a wedding.

    For all packages I offer a free engagement photo-shoot as this gives us an opportunity to get to know one another. I find that people that have their engagement photos get used to the standard posing, so you know what to do in couples photos on the day, making things more relaxed and go smoothly. It is also a good opportunity to discuss things such as plans for the big day and a list of photos that you would like me to take.

    As they make such a massive positive impact on the main event, I offer engagement photoshoots completely free. So it is up to you if you want to take it or not, but there is no charge for having it, and there is no discount for removing it.

  • Can you photograph group shots?

    I am always suprised by this one. Although most photographers dread the group photograph, professionals are well practised and know how to direct groups shots.

    Before the big day, I will discuss which combinations of groups of people you want to be photographed, as well as any specific items from around your wedding.

  • What happens if the plan changes?

    I can work with you - do not stress about the photos, I will get them sorted! If you have to change location, can't do the group shots in the right place, etc, I will make sure that you get fantastic images to remember your day.

  • Can you recommend anyone?

    As a photographer, I get to meet a wide range of suppliers, and I know how difficult it is for you to find people who are reliable. Here are some of the people that I have worked with that I can thoroughly recommend. All I ask is that you mention my name on enquiry.

    Magician - Paul Newton

    DJ - Simon Clarke

    DJ - Julian Singh

    Band - Mahoosive

    Florist - Catkin and Pussywillow (Winchester)

    Florist - Florality (New Forest, Lyndhurst)

    Florist - Exclusively Weddings

    Hair - Evolve Hair Professionals

    Hair and Makeup - Sharon Dawson Make-Up Artist (MUA) from Eye Candy Hair and Make-up

    Icecream Stall - Brook Tricycle

    Videographers - Horse and Cart Videography

    Wedding Dresses - Brides of Southampton

    Photobooth - Smiley Booth

    Caravan Photobooth - Betsy Booth

    Everything! From bouncy castles, to bands, to DJs to package deals - Blake Entertainment

    Wedding Cake - The Daisy Cake Company - Romsey

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me!

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