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Raise Money for Greg Gilbert of the Delays

Greg Gilbert is known to many as the front man of The Delays. As a Fiance and a father of two, it was a shock to everyone when he was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. As a young man who leads a healthy lifestyle, it was a shock to find that the NHS, who have provided him with so much quality care, was unable to help. The treatment for his condition and blood type is only available on private healthcare costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. Not wanting to just give up, Greg and his family have been fundraising, with a massive response from the community.

Now the Joiners are helping with a fundraising event this evening! Get down to the Joiners in St Mary's, Southampton, to see an array of local acts including Sean McGowan, and Grant Sharkey.

Tickets are available to book now >

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For those of you who are not familiar with the Delays, check out one of their tracks.

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