Beautiful Engagement Photography

First of all, congratulations on your recent engagement! Whether you are a wannabe model or, more likely, extremely uncomfortable in front of the camera, my mission is for you to have a great time on an engagement photo-shoot. I will make you feel relaxed by using tried and tested techniques and poses so that you get natural and beautiful images.


I offer free engagement shoots with all of my wedding packages, as it is helpful for us to get to know one another before the big day. In this way, on your wedding day, you will feel comfortable around me and will know what to expect from posed photographs. Most importantly, you will feel comfortable to be yourself, as it is important that I capture your individuality. If you only want to book an engagement shoot now, but decide to book a wedding package at a later date, I will take the value of the engagement shoot off the package price when you book. 


Stunning Locations

Based in Hampshire on the edge of the New Forest, I know a wide range of locations around Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester to my East, and Bolderwood, Christchurch Bournemouth and Poole to my West. 


Whether it is a place that means something to you, or a stunning secluded location, we can work together to get some truly memorable images.

Frequently asked questions

What clothes should I wear?

For ladies - the classic look is a floaty summer dress. That said, it is really down to the style of the couple, jeans and a jumper/top can look just as good in engagement photos. There are typically two looks I recommend, smart casual or smart. Smart casual, as a guide, would be what you would wear to dinner with friends/the in-laws. Smart would be the sort of thing you would wear to an evening wedding reception. For Guys - it tends to be a bit more simple - smart casual or very smart - his is typically to match what the partner is wearing. If you are going for smart casual, jeans/trousers, shoes and a shirt on top (that could be over a t-shirt). For smart, a full suit, with a tie (this may be removed). For everyone - its worth noting that we will typically be on location for your shoot, so there will likely be soft ground a short walk. I do not have you walking for miles in a bog, but it might be worth considering having something you can walk in, potentially with a change of shoes if you want to wear something smarter.

What make-up should I wear?

I typically say that less is more. Part of processing images involves working with skin, and actually it is better to be natural than thick with makeup, especially foundation. As a guide, I suggest what you would wear to Sunday church rather than a Saturday night out. It is worth bringing spare eye and lip makeup. Although it may be unnatural, it might be worth thinking about bringing a lip balm for the men!

Where should I have my photos taken?

I prefer quiet locations in the countryside, where you will not feel self conscious. If you have somewhere in mind, I am happy to work with you to shoot in your preferred choice.

I am really uncomfortable with having my photo taken, how do I pose?

This may surprise you, but this is actually MY job! I use a wide range of techniques that will help you get beautiful photographs. Most people that I work with are worried about having their photo taken, but by the time they have spent a few minutes with me they will be having a real giggle and enjoying themselves. Remember, most people getting married are not models, its rare that I get someone who is comfortable in front of the camera!

What happens if it is raining?

I typically prefer to try and do couple's shoots in the dry - it helps you to concentrate on the shoot and the images normally come out better too! I will stay in regular contact and if the weather is not looking great we can discuss if you want to reschedule. If you book a wedding quite near in the future, I will book in more than one date just in case, if possible.

I hate my body, I am too fat/skinny/other?

I work with people with all sorts of different body shapes. Whether you are thin and straight or have a curvy body, I know the poses that will be most flattering to your shape. One of the reasons I provide engagement shoots for free as part of wedding packages is to help guide you and show you the most flattering way to pose so that you look your best on the big day.

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