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Charity & Event Photography

Increase the success of your event, as well as promoting future events with stunning images

Event Photography

When you are organising a large event you will feel like you are juggling a lot of balls! I make sure that you have a photographer that you can rely on provide beautiful shots of your day.


I provide a wide range of event photography services including weddings, Bar Mitzvah, Christenings and parties. Because at events like these you get only one chance for those special moments, I will work extremely hard so that the one thing that you do not have to worry about is the photography. I also do special deals for charity events - I like to think we can help where I can! 


As I do a lot of work for clubs and schools, I also have a full DBS certificate, if required.

Parties and Memorable Occasions

The best way to remember a special occasion is to have some really beautiful photographs. Usually, this involves poor light and lots of movement - not something for the amateur photographer!


I will work extremely hard to make sure that you have a lot of beautiful images without encroaching and getting in the way.


I have a lot of experience of these sorts of events, and will also make your photographs available very quickly after the event.

Charity Work

I love helping charities and with charity fundraisers. So much so that I often provide heavily discounted photography for these events.

I have the honor of being an official photographer for Naomi House, as well as a regular photographer for a number of charities such as the Clojo butterfly ball (a sids charity) and the Southampton Foster Carers Associations (SFCA).


As well as providing the organizers with photos of the night, I make sure that contributors to the event get photographs for them to use. I also promote the event as much as possible through my site and social media.


Finally, all photographs of the event are made available to purchase on your own gallery, as we find that the high quality of images are often wanted by attendees to put on their walls!

Sports Events

I work with teams and organisers to photograph a wide range of sporting events. From individual sports such as biathlon and mountain biking, to team events such as American football, I cover events from every angle.


With a lot of experience in photographing events, I will capture the atmosphere of your event as well as the action on the pitch. 


I work well with organisers to help get the shots that they want, as well as working within the parameters that they set for the day. 

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