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Blue Light Discount

As many of my followers know, my wife is a green warrior, a hero without a cape! What you might not know is that a lot of our friends and family are members of the NHS, Police service, military, etc, etc, etc.

Blue light ambulance service etc wedding offer

What this means to me is that I never see anyone, including my wife, because they all work shifts! What is also means is that on the occasion a load of our heros manage to get some time off together to fall in love, get engaged and have a wedding! As a photographer this generally means that every few months my wife asks me to do a special rate for a wedding package. So, in support of all of these hard working people, I am going to be offering a standard discount to all blue light workers.

20% off all wedding photography packages

That's right, whichever photography package you go for, I will automatically take off 20%.

Why not take a look at my wedding photography packages and talke to me about availability?


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