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Weddings are coming back, as early as June 21st
Weddings returning as early as 21st June 2021

I'm just sat looking at the news and watching Boris and it looks like full weddings are on from the end of June (21st)! So this means that for me I will be photographing weddings in July, August and onwards!

This is great news, and will be fantastic for couples planning weddings, for whom this has been extremely stressful for!

Also for the wedding suppliers, this is a good news as we are desparate, not just financially, but to get back to the thing that we love. As I stated previously, I have been focussing on getting existing bookings organised, but now this is a green light to book more weddings! I have plenty of availabilty from Autumn, and look forward to booking couples in for then and moving into 2022 and 2023.

Lots of love to you all, looking forward to it!


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