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Take That and Love Soul Choir

Having photographed for Dan Cooper and his Love Soul Choir at Southampton Guildhall a few weeks ago, I was honoured to be invited to join them for their performance with Take That! Don't worry, they didn't have me singing and dancing! I was there to photograph the Choir, from back stage to their love show with Take That on their Odyssey Live tour.

It was lovely getting to know the choir back stage. We were being organised by the lovely Heidi, who was working so hard to sort the cos on the tour, and was very accommodating to me as their photographer.

Lulu was a special guest for the song "Relight my fire", having been featured on the original recording. Whilst getting ready to go on stage, we met Lulu in a back stage area to warm up with the choir. She was both fantastic and absolutely lovely. They were busy with the rehearsal, so I didn't disturb them with taking photos, but I was determined to get a good shot of her on stage.

I had a fantastic time, and although I had just two songs and a bad position to shoot from, I think I got some good shots, including of Gary Barlow himself!

Check out the Love Soul Choir Facebook page for more photos!


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