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Vote for me - I'm a Rubbish Photographer!

This isn't some self deprecation - this is a bit of fun from rock music station Radio X! Johnny Vaughan does the 4 til 7 thang on Radio X, the evening drive-time show which has a lot of fun and frolics. Back in November, they were playing around with the idea of "Rubbish Photographer of the Year", an award for the person who takes the best picture of a bin!

I was listening to this on the way to Southampton's Joiners music venue and thought, I've got a great idea. So I present to you, "Bin-dy Rock". I know what you are thinking, "this singer is rubbish" hehehe. I thought it would be a flash in the pan and a little bit of advertising for me and for the Joiners - win win. And lets face it, the staff at the J0iners are used to me being weird!

Anyway, a few months later I get messaged by producer Simon Williams (Little Si) to say that I am a finalist! Yes thats right, its a real competition with a real trophy and I need you to vote for me!

Vote for me!

Please go to the following link and vote for me - get everyone to do it, share the love! An thank you to all of you that do! If I win I will be giving a big shout out to the Joiners and grass roots venues.

Please note that voting is now closed


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