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Wedding Videographers - Advice and Guide to Booking

Wedding Videographer, Hampshire

Wedding videographers... they used to be a luxury, but now they are becoming much more standard. For years, the videographer was an unusual occurence, but these days roughly 75% of couples at least consider a videographer. But, judging by all of the questions I get, noone really knows what they want or how to book one! So, here are a few pointers.

Hiring a Videographer - The Key Points

Here are the key things you need to consider when hiring a videographer for your wedding:

  1. Deliverables

  2. Budget

  3. Reviews

  4. Artistic Style

  5. Personality

  6. Working with your photographer

  7. Professional Credentials

Hiring a Videographer - A Full Guide

A guide to hiring a wedding videographer

Hiring a wedding videographer has a lot of points to consider, so here is a full guide!


There's a massive difference between a videographer that films the day and gives you a 5 minute show reel to music, to a videography team with multiple camera angles and a full high end audio setup. If you're like me, you're probably only going to watch the show reel, but some people want all of the vows and speeches in high-quality audio. Those are very different packages. It's worth noting that the full records, which tend to produce 1-2hour films, tend to be more intrusive, so not great for those who don't want the fuss and the posing. However, if you dont mind that, the results can be fabulous.

It is worth saying that I get in trouble with videographers for using the word intrusive! Bear in mind that I work with a lot of couples who really don't like photos being taken, let alone video as well. When I say intrusive, you might do more poses, microphones might need to be set up etc. The reality is that none of the videographers that I recommend are truly intrusive, and they do as good a job as the photographer for blending in etc. It very much depends on the couple and their personalities; whoever you go with, make sure you talk about your needs with the videographer.


You need to have an idea of how much you're going to spend. You're not getting 2 videographers for a full day package with 90mins of video for £500 - expect to pay similar to your photographer, £1.5-£5k, depending on deliverables etc. That said, you can get an up and coming videographer to do a 3-5min show reel for more like £500-1k.


Always look at reviews and recommendations, such as Google reviews, Guides for Brides or Hitched to see other people's experience of your potential videographers. If they are new, they obviously won't have a lot, but it is worth putting the effort in as this is a big part of your day. Ask your venue and your photographer who they would recommend. If you have picked a photographer and like their style, they will know who is good and who isnt stylistically.

Artistic Style

Make sure you watch the full footage of a real wedding from your videographer so that you know the style - even after recommendations you need to know what you are getting. Editing/colouring etc can be subtle, but will make all the difference. Do you want it sharp or soft focussed? Do you prefer warmer yellows, natural colours etc. Make sure you know what you are getting.

Meet Your Videographer

Make sure you meet your videographer and get to know their personality. You'll end up spending nearly as much time with them as your photographer, probably more than you will with your other half! So make sure you get on with them.

Working well with Photographers

It is always worth checking the photographer and videographer will work together. Ask your photographer for advice - they should know a range of videographers to suit your needs, and know what to look out for. Some photographers don't like videographers, so make sure you ask them before you book! I always think the perfect ballance is a videographer that will work "just behind the photographer" - that doesn't mean literally but in style. Good videographers have the confidence to run with certain things, like the very popular trend of "Marryoke" or interviews with guests. But they will typically let the photographer lead if they are both involved.

Professional Credentials

There is a difference between someone who does some video as a hobby and a fully professional videographer. Some basic points include public liability insurance (which may be a requirement from your venue), website and business social media. A lot of wedding suppliers have jobs as well, so it is not a good indication if they are full time, but they need to treat their business professionally. Certainly the public liability insurance is worth checking with both the venue if they require it and the supplier to make sure they have it, especially for videographers who might have to plug stuff in and have tripods etc.

The Benefits of a Videographer

The Benefits of a Videographer

Writing this advice, it feels like a lot to sort out and get right! It might also seem like a lot of money too. But the memories you get can be fantastic - a totally different vibe and result to your photographer. Also, because photographers and videographers look at things differently, they can stage shots differently that can work well for each other. I have a lot of cool photos from where videographers have set up a shot, and likewise the video has lots of photographer setup shots too.

Final Notes

It is worth saying that videographers are not a replacement for photographers. I know some videographers will provide high resolution stills - these can be great, but they are certainly not highly polished print-ready photographs. I know videographers that offer the stills, but even they say it is not a replacement for the photographer.

Which leads on to the next point - both photography and videography are both full time and totally different skills. One person cannot do both well - some companies offer both, but make sure it is different people doing the work, and check the credentials of both people.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me to ask!


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