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Wedding Photography Suppliers

People tend to only get involved with weddings once or twice, as a bride or groom, or as a close member of the wedding party helping with the planning. This means that it can be very difficult to pick suppliers with confidence. 

 I have photographed a lot of weddings and have met some fantastic suppliers and some not so fantastic suppliers along the way! I have put together a list of approved suppliers, people I can confidently recommend to be good at what they do, provide a great experience and are ultimately reliable.

Toastmaster Dan

I had the pleasure of working with Toastmaster Dan, where I saw the difference of having a professional toastmaster at a wedding. It is not just about having someone making the announcements, but having someone confident and experienced to help the day go smoothly.

Paul Newton, Magician

Paul was one of the first wedding suppliers that I met, and not only do I respect him as a supplier, but we have become good friends. He will not only dazzle your guests, but is a lovely man - he is a lot more personable than a lot of magicians! Get one of the best magicians in the industry!

Brides of Southampton

I have a number of brides who have recommended this bridal dress store. They provide a personal service and help you find the dress that will compliment you on your special day. 

As well as a great service, I get beautiful brides in stunning dresses!

Evolve Hair Professionals

Well anyone in the New Forest area knows that not only are people at the Evolve extremely talented - hair and beauty is a passion - but they are somewhat adept at therapy as well! Mandy has a long list of happy clients and does some beautiful work!

The Daisy Cake Company

Just looking at the Daisy Cake Company portfolio you will see a stunning array of wedding cakes. The cake that they baked for Sarah and Phillip's wonderland themed wedding was exquisite. Having met some of the team, they truly care about their work. 

Hampshire Event DJs

I actually know Simon Clarke mostly through charity work. Others will know him as Simon on the radio, from his time with Wave 105 and the BBC. As well as his voice on the radio, Simon is a fantastic DJ, complete with lighting that will spruce up any venue! Now he is part of the Hampshire Event DJs, who come very highly recommended

Wedding Music

When I got married, most of the decisions were made by my wife. I had some input, but I was only allowed to make decisions if it was in agreement with what she had already decided! In fact, there were only really 3 things that I had a say in:

  1. The venue

  2. The wedding photographer (can you see why I'd be fussy?!)

  3. The music

It's weird how because music is so emotive, it is so important to so many of us. So to help you along I have created three playlists. Wedding songs, idea for walking down the aisle, or playing whilst signing the register. There is an alternative playlist for those who don't want the typical soppy numbers, like a bit of rock, or just want something a bit different. Finally, there is a playlist full of first dance numbers. I have tried to keep them all varied, so hopefully there will be something to at least get you started!

Wedding Songs

Alternative Wedding Songs

First Dance Songs