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Paul Newton Magic

Close up and stage magician

Paul is not like your stereotypical magician - he is friendly, relaxed and gets on with all of your guests! 

As a premium rate magician, you are getting the top quality, helping your guests to be entertained, amazed and making your wedding even more memorable!

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Book Paul Newton Magic

Approved Suppliers

There are so many wedding suppliers out there, how do you know who is worth the money?

I have a lot of experience of the market, as well as getting first-hand experience of how they work with couples. See who I would recommend.

About Me

Wedding photography is a big decision - you need to know that you can trust your photographer. More importantly, you need to get on with them and feel relaxed. Find out more about me and what it means to have me as your photographer

Wedding Portfolio

I have a lot of experience and will work with couples on the style and types of photos that they want. Check out some of my photographs, from getting ready through to the end of the day.

Engagement Photoshoots

Get to know me as your wedding photographer as well as learning about posing for your special day.  I provide free engagement photos as part of my wedding packages as they are so integral to the smooth running of the day.

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