lockdown elopement photography

Here is a special Lockdown Elopement Wedding Photography package. During this difficult time, many weddings are being postponed or cancelled, or even you are putting off booking until things are a bit calmer. But what if you want to get the marriage bit actually done?! After all, the most important part is the "I do", and a small intimate service can be very special - even if you do the full day dream wedding in the future!

The perfect package for a full selection of photographs from a wedding in the lockdown period. Services are subject to restrictions and availability is currently for weddings up until the end of March 2021.

  • Engagement photo shoot (depending on availability)

  • Church/Registry photographs

  • Couple shots on location

  • Wedding group posed photographs

  • Electronic download of all processed images (not limited)

  • An online gallery where you can buy prints and keepsakes

Price of lockdown elopement package


Lockdown Photography Extras

Just because it is lockdown it doesn't mean that your wedding day shouldn't be special, so make sure you get what you want. Here are some specials - if you want albums etc then you can of course get any of the extras from my standard wedding packages page. 

Lockdown getting ready shots

Having a make-up artist and want to capture all of those beautiful shots of the dress hanging up and you drinking some morning bubbly?

Lockdown getting ready


USB Photobox

Get a selection of prints in a beautiful gift box with a USB of all of your photos from the day. Perfect as a keepsake and as a present. 

Price per USB photobox plus fifteen 6"x4" prints


Lockdown Wedding Reception

Have something planned for after the ceremony? Get some photos of your reception, whether it is a simple meal or a little something more. (Up to 1 hour)

Lockdown Reception


20% Off For The Lot!

So this was supposed to be quite cheap, so you might want it all and its starting to add up (£695.00). So if you go for the lot, get it all for just:



20% Off for Blue Light Workers

My other half is an Ambulance worker, and I know how much extra stress and difficulty that brings to organising a wedding, including getting dates and times sorted around shifts! 

To that end, I offer 20% off all of my standard packages, and this package is no difference! This means that any of the options that you go for are at the 20% off price.

Frequently asked questions

How long are you photographing on the day?

The lockdown wedding is a shortened ceremony, but taking group and couples shots can take as long or as little as you want. I do not clock watch so I will be around as long as you need me.

What if you lose the photographs

This is a subject that I am very OCD about, as I have heard of some horror stories! On a wedding day I use multiple memory cards split throughout the day. If one is corrupted, I can normally recover the images, but worst case scenario is that I have many cards from multiple cameras. I also provide a selection of images on the day, which I upload to the cloud there and then. When I return, I upload all of the images to an external hard drive, and to secure cloud storage as a back up. The memory cards are not wiped until you have received your images. The hard drive images are never wiped, so the original files are always kept. On delivery of the images, you will receive a temporary (approximately 12 months) download link, a usb to keep, and an album on my website. Remember - if all 3 of those disappear, I will still have your original files on hard drive backup. I told you I am OCD!

When will we get the photos delivered?

Your wedding day is only the start - it is typically days and even weeks of solid work to process your images. Many photographers will take 3-6 months to provide images, which is a long time to wait when you are really excited! This is why I provide a small selection on the day - good enough quality for social media - so that you can see how amazing you looked on the day! I also have a reasonably quick turn around of images, I aim for about 4-6 weeks as a maximum time.

I am really uncomfortable with having my photo taken, how do I pose?

This may surprise you, but this is actually MY job to worry about it, not yours! I use a wide range of techniques that will help you get beautiful photographs. Most people that I work with do not like having their photo taken, but by the time they have spent a few minutes with me they will be having a real giggle and enjoying themselves. Remember, most people getting married are not models, its rare that I get someone who is comfortable in front of the camera! I pride myself on building fantastic relationships with all of my couples, so that you feel relaxed and will get stunning photographs of your wedding day.

I hate my body/I am too fat/I am too skinny/other?

Firstly, I disagree. You are beautiful as you are, male, female, trans, straight, gay, large, small, etc. I work with people with all sorts of different personalities and body shapes. Whether you are thin and straight or have a curvy body, I know the poses that will be most flattering to your shape. If you have concerns or specific things that you are worried about, please talk to me, there are ways and means! One of the reasons I provide engagement shoots for free as part of wedding packages is to help guide you and show you the most flattering way to pose so that you look your best on the big day. I am all about a positive body image - I do not just photoshop everyone to look the same - I would rather take photos that show you off in your natural beauty. If you do have specific changes you would like me to make, however, I do have the photoshop skills to edit photos.

How many photos will I get?

I take a lot of photos on the day! Things like groups shots tend to get a lot to try and avoid people blinking or making a weird expression - so I do select the best photos out of the many that I take. However, I do not limit the number of digital images that I supply to you. When I got married I noticed how many photographers specify 600 or 800 images. I do not - I try not to limit the photos to any number - if they are good I will process them and supply them.

Will the photos be edited?

Some photographers just take the images out of the camera and apply the same settings to all, and then do the same thing in blank and white. I do not - I work on all of the images in a multiple stage process to make sure all of the images are processed to a high quality. Some images are more suited to black and white and some to colour - I use my experience to go through them and produce the highest quality. That said, I do not change the images out of recognition - I believe in a positive self-body image and want to show you how beautiful you look as you really are. If there are specific images you would like in a certain way, I am more than happy to change them. In reality, I rarely get asked for edits to the photos that I produce. As a side note, there is a falicy that the images should be ready to go out of the camera. There is a very long technical reason for this (happy to chat about it all day but you won't want to read it!), but in short the images are photographed in RAW format and require some processing on them. The amount of work that goes into the photos depends on the images.

Do you have experience of lockdown weddings?

Yes, I have photographed lockdown weddings. I have a selection of masks, from plain to pretty and can work in the limited environments provided by the venues.


Charli Cundliffe

The whole day, Jesse was absolutely outstanding. He captured the essence of the day with very touching, emotional and beautiful photos.


His attention to detail and overall demeanour had not only my husband and I pleased, every single guest at our wedding made comment on how amazing he was. Never met someone so proud of his talent and so hardworking. Could not recommend him enough.


Emma Davies

Best wedding photographer! So friendly and really put us at ease on the engagement shoot.


Got such amazing photos of our wedding. Would recommend to everyone!


Katrina Galvin

Like most people we’re not the most comfortable with having our photos taken and wanted to make sure we spent most of the day with our friends and family rather than posing endlessly.


With the help of Jesse we managed to have this whilst still getting loads of amazing and natural photos too. Would recommend to anyone getting married or in need of a photographer for any other reason as he’s easy to talk to and really understands want you want from your day.

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