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Engagement shoots for couples with children

Family Engagement shoot in the woods
Family Engagement shoot in the woods

I get asked a lot about bringing children to engagement photoshoots, in fact a lot of couples that I photograph now have children before they get married. A lot of photographers are very keen on getting that portfolio shot and don't want any distractions, they live by the phrase "never work with children or animals!" Anyone who knows me, or has been to a wedding where I have photographed, will tell you that I am great with animals and children! I am pretty good at communicating with both, and doing a good job of engaging them enough without getting distracted from the job in hand.

My style is very much about capturing you as a couple or as a family, and so I have a lot of experience in working with families to do just that. Its an unusual relationship between a photographer and a couple - especially with bride or partner that I am with for the day. I tend to spend a lot of time with you on the actual day - with getting ready photos, probably more time than you do with your other half!!! I can't imagine how photographers that struggle socially get on with weddings! So its important that I am the photographer you want and that is right for your family.

There tend to be 2 types of couples with children, I will not assume you are either of the following, but hopefully it will help you. 

couple on engagement shoot with daughter
Get the children involved for a bit of the shoot

1. Parents who want some photos with the children and some couples shots. I find that typically you will want a few posed shots and a few natural shots with the children, but then to do the full couples shots to go with it. I would recommend, in this instance, to bring someone who can take the children away to play with - normally we would do their shots first and let them to go off an explore/play with the other person whilst we do your couples photos. This means that you can get the most out of the experience which tends to be a bit of learning, a lot of relaxing and getting used to me and some fun too!

2. Parents who use the opportunity to do something just as a couple - this is quite popular and actually is pretty realistic to the big day. You will typically have the youngsters there for the group shots and then have your own couples shots for the big day. As a couple, it actually gives you the most freedom to get the most out of the shoot and is quite nice as some romantic time. 

engagement photoshoot with a couple in love
Engagement shoots - a romantic time away from the kids?

There is of course the option of a family who wants everything with the children, but I haven't come across that yet!

I personally don’t have a preference, and will work with you and your family in whatever way suits you - the engagement shoot is just part of our journey together (sorry for being cheesy!) and so its about you as  a couple and a family more than it is about me. Talk to me about your engagement photoshoot and lets see how we can personalise it for you.


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