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Free Engagement Photoshoots

I include free engagement photoshoots in all of my wedding packages. 

Why? Because of the difference it makes to the wedding day. 

Scenario 1 – no engagement shoot. On the day a complete stranger turns up while you are getting ready, it’s a bit awkward and you don’t know them or what they are going to be like. They don’t know you and what your expectations are. You probably don't like having your photo taken, and so you spend the day dreading the couple's photos. You had that special thing you wanted a picture of but in the chaos of the day, forgot to mention it to the photographer.

Scenario 2 – you meet the photographer for an engagement shoot, have some fun whilst getting used to working with them. Not only do you get some beautiful photos to use on your invites/orders of service etc, you can also make sure the photographer knows exactly what you want from the day. On the wedding day, you get a familiar face turn up who is there to support you and you know you can rely on. It's a busy day and you actually look forward to the couples photos as it will be a nice time to spend with your new spouse. 

So that is why I do an hour or two of free photoshoot with many hours of photo editing for free – because Scenario 2 is worth every minute!

Check out my wedding photography packages to see what else is included.


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