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Kat and Luke's engagement photo shoot 

Kat had been a bridesmaid at a wedding at the end of 2018 that I had photographed in Christchurch, on the edge of the New Forest. We had organised a shoot with her MUA (makeup artist) over the Easter weekend.

As with any engagement shoot, the main aim is to get the couple to feel relaxed about having their photos taken prior to the wedding. Luke was particularly not looking forward to it, stating that he is a bit like Chandler Bing from Friends when taking a picture!

Luckily, I have designed my workflow and poses to keep things simple, and around ways for the couple to have fun with each other.

This is important, as the style will be replicated on the wedding day, where not only do we want fabulous photos, but for the happy couple to enjoy the best day of their lives!

Im pleased to say that the shoot ended with Luke saying that he was dreading it, but he had a really good time! Result!

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