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Lianne and Sam's Wedding Photo's

Lianne and Sam Russo Wedding Portrait Photo

Anyone who has seen any of my marketing will likely have seen this photo. Golden hour - the time before and after sunset where light is soft and beautiful. A wedding day is generally manic - getting ready, travelling, the all important ceremony, group shots. So the couple's photos are typically just another thing holding up going to have a damn good drink and catching up with friends and loved ones.

Typically I will have done engagement photos with a couple - we all know what we are doing! So I will not hold up a couple any longer than they want me to. In fact, it's often a nice time that the couple can be together.

However, by the time the evening comes along, and you have already had a busy day, and its time to do the out-out part of the evening, you will probably realise how little you have seen of your new partner. This is when I take a couple to one side, to have a moment of reflection together. A time for a cuddle and a kiss. More or less alone, as I try not to intrude on the moment too much. This is when you get shots like this!

Back to the wedding - lets start at the beginning; getting ready:

I actually met Lianne and Sam when I did a newborn shoot for them last year. Its nice to see my photos on display!

The car was a stunning little classic. But not as stunning as Lianne, ready to go to the wedding.

Walking down the aisle, no-one can take their eyes of the stunning bride. The venue, Westgate Hall in Southampton, is a beautiful venue for anyone in the area wanting a registry office wedding.

"We are all signing this!" How cute is this picture?! I love my job - they say never work with children, but they are wrong!

The old walls at Westgate Hall in Southampton are a fantastic setting for the group shot! Sheltered, with a sloped road for me to get some height.

For the adventurous, the old walls around Westgate Hall provide a great range of locations for couple photos. They are a bit windy though, so bear that in mind with regard to hair styles and photos if you want photos there.

One of my favorite wedding photos, getting under the veil with the couple to get this very intimate photograph.

The most important person on a wedding day, the bride!

OK, so it was heaving down when we got to Hanger Farm Arts Centre in Totton. It was the only rain that effected the day, but it worked well for the confetti photographs! The venue was very understanding and let us do the shot inside, and it worked very well!

Hanger Farm Arts Centre Wedding confetti photograph

The main event room was stunning with a range of lights. The Love letters really set the place off as well.

The event room at Hanger Farm Arts Centre

Its fair to say that fun was had!

I hope that you have enjoyed this quick look at some of the photos from Leanne and Sam's wedding. The your galleries section of my website is the place to go if you would like to see the full album.

If you are interested in booking me as the photographer for your wedding, please take a look at my wedding page.


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