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Smartphones at weddings

Many photographers hate smartphones - they have a certain instantaneous-ness that threatens their long delivery times! Even as someone who likes to deliver the final photos in less than a month, that's a long time for people to share thousands of images on social media. This is one of the reasons I try and provide a selection of photos on the day - not just a display on the tablet - the happy couple get a link to download the images. So it is worth noting that, with some workflow changes, I have worked around the main problem photographers have and have thus do not have an inherent hate for smartphones!

Here's Looking at You

I actually like the fun that people have with taking selfies, or their own group photos, and so try to get photos of people taking photos for a slightly different shot. That could be the sea of phones when the newly weds walk up the aisle, some selfie shots in the morning preparation, or family taking photos on phones and tablets during the day.

One Rule

OK, so far this post has been on your side. However, please do remember that the couple have paid a lot of money, and spend a huge amount of time, on getting the right wedding photographer to capture the day. The wedding photographer knows what they are doing, has thousands of pounds of professional equipment, and is there to do a job. Please don't get in the way. As a guest with a smart phone, please do not jump out in front of the photographer - your little i-phone pic will not be as good as the person who is being paid to do the job!

I have been a guest at the wedding where the couple had something very personal to them in the ceremony - 10 guests got up and stood in front of the photographer to take their photos on their phones, and potentially ruined the perfect photo of a special moment.

When I said in the section above that I am trying to get different shots - why not try and capture moments that the photographer can't take? Rather than capturing a rubbish version of the photographer's shot, try and take some photos of the other guests.

A Common Request

It is actually pretty common these days for couples to request that no photos are posted on social media on the weekend of the wedding. Typically, couple's like to be the first to post about their own wedding. If this is you, make sure you mention it to the priest or registrar, to make sure they tell the audience before the ceremony starts. Typically, it will be requested that no photos are taken during the ceremony either, other than the professional. If you are there as a guest - try to enjoy the day!

I hope this blog has been helpful, and given both couples and guests something to think about. If you are a couple and have plans, why not share the blog and let your guests know about your wishes in advance? If you have questions, I am always happy to help!


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