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Wedding Photography - A Case Study

Katrina, like many of my Brides, came to me via a recommendation. She wanted beautiful images to remember the day by, but neither her or her partner really like having their photos taken. They're not ones for a quick insta selfie or even fb post.

More importantly, they wanted to make sure that they spent time enjoying their wedding... Its an occasion of celebration with friends and family, not a photoshoot.

The engagement shoot gave us a chance to really get to know each other - I knew what they wanted from me, and they knew that they could trust me to respect their wishes, and that having me take their photo was fun and relaxed, not a complex modelling shoot.

This meant that on the day, they were relaxed around me, which meant I could take shots without them grimacing every time I pointed the camera! Also, they could just enjoy their day and pretty much ignore me as much as possible!

My aim when we do "wedding portraits" is that I'm giving the couple time to take a step away from the busy wedding day, just to enjoy each others company. So even though there is a bit of "posing", essentially this is a lovely time for the couple to have a cuddle and a kiss as if they were on their own. Bliss!

Here is what Katrina had to say:

"Jesse did the photos of our wedding back in July this year and was so professional but approachable at the same time. Like most people we’re not the most comfortable with having our photos taken and wanted to make sure we spent most of the day with our friends and family rather than posing endlessly. With the help of Jesse we managed to have this whilst still getting loads of amazing and natural photos too. Would recommend to anyone getting married or in need of a photographer for any other reason as he’s easy to talk to and really understands want you want from your day."

A review from Leah

Leah is Katrina's sister and was also one of the bridesmaids for the wedding. She took the time to leave me this incredible review.

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