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Why Choose Me?

So, why choose me to be your wedding photographer?

The likelihood is that you have looked at 10s or even hundreds of photographers. Now you have gotten rid of the ones you aren't keen on from their photos. But how do you decide?

So here is why me:

  1. As you've probably seen from my posts and website, the number one reason people choose me as a photographer is that I make them feel relaxed when having their photo taken. It's what I'm really good at.

  2. I do not limit the number of photos that I take or deliver. Very often I deliver well over 1000 photos to couples. 

  3. I do not limit the amount of time I'm there for. I don't do "8 hours". I'll get there early, I'll leave late, so I will typically do a 10-13 hour day.

  4. I make an effort to supply your photos quickly.

  5. Photos on the day - I will provide some social media quality images on your wedding day.

  6. I do not annoy everyone! In fact, guests at weddings often come to like me and a lot of my bookings come from guest recommendations.

If you have any further questions, please do contact me, I am very approachable! If you want to find out what other people have said, why not check out this little review video:


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