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Hi everyone, I am here and I am happy to talk weddings!

The truth is I have been here all along, but I have been focussing on helping my existing bookings so that those couples can reschedule their weddings with maximum flexibility and as stress free as possible! I always work on the basis that existing customers come first, and lets face it, couple's who had their weddings booked for 2020 and even 2021 have had a tough time of it. I have now moved pretty much every wedding for the first half of the year, and with the vaccine roll out I am pretty confident for weddings at the second half of the year - hopefully a minimal number of re-schedules, if any. I have spent a fair bit of time on my approved suppliers web page, and most of them now have their own page on my site - if not a link direct to their pages. I am also pretty active on Instagram, so give me a follow if you are not already - I talk all things weddings on there! I will try to make sure that my blog is filled with some of these insights, we will see how it goes!

There are a few more things in the pipeline which are not quite ready for an announcement, but I will keep posting everywhere, so watch this space!

Blue Light Discounts

I am still doing blue light discounts - I am even on Blue Light Card. If you are wondering whether this applies to you - if you work for NHS, Police, Fire, Coastguard, Military, or anything else related that I have forgotten about! You don't need a blue light card, and you don't have to be front line. Myself, my wife and both of our families have strong ties in all of the above, and so this is essentially just extended mates rates!


One of the things that I realised last Autumn is that the wedding industry is terrible at having the same looking models, promoting same "perfect" weddings. The thing I really love about real weddings is how individual they are - different styles, different sexualities, different races, different ages, some parents and some not, different shapes and sizes, different religions and different tastes. I am making a big push in 2021 to make sure that I promote inclusivity in everything that I do.


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