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Kat and Luke's wedding photos

I had previously met Kat when she was a bridesmaid at Jack and Charli's wedding last year. Not particularly keen on having photos taken, I had worked with them to realise that they can have fun and feel relaxed in front of the camera from their engagement photoshoot.

As is typical with a wedding shoot, I arrived early so that I can get plenty of photos during the wedding preparations. This includes the details, photos of the dress and of the hair and makeup. It was lovely to meet Make Up Artist (MUA) Olivia Demetriou for the second time, having met at the engagement shoot.

MUA Olivia Demetriou getting the bride and bridesmaids ready for the big day
Olivia Demetriou, Make up artist

I do like to get a good hairspray shot. It's not as easy as you would think - the back lighting, the timing, the intensity, etc needs to be perfect!

Everyone has a smart phone these days, so why not make use of them?!

I love to see all of the different ways of travelling to a wedding that a couple can think of! Parking at the church was difficult, so I was glad that this stunning horse and carriage was slow, so that I can carefully bomb it down to park in a side road and run to the church!

The groom and his groomsmen waiting nervously! The reality is that most grooms I meet aren't worried about being married, its the getting up in front of everyone they are nervous about. Personally, I was just worried about hearing the vicar - which I didn't!

Walking down the aisle - all eyes are on the beautiful bride - and look at her beaming smile!

I have noticed that most of my favourite photos from this wedding are black and white! But they looks so elegant! including saying the vows...

You may kiss the bride! Normally I have to encourage couples not to rush the first kiss, but these two love birds didn't need encouragement! I promise there are colour photos coming up!

Confetti - terribly hard to get right, but absolutely stunning when you get it right! Luckily I have a lot of practice, and make sure that I have coached the couple and the congregation (plus having the camera set up right!) to get the shots perfectly. I promised I would have some colour, and here is the photograph to prove it! I had a lot of confetti shots that came out, but I think this is impressive with quite how much there is!

Leaving the church as husband and wife! Back in the carriage, and don't they look happy?!

This portrait photo is one of my all time favourite wedding photographs that I have taken! Those who were there will hopefully appreciate the photoshop skills for getting rid of the grass cutting equipment and the houses in the background! The location was stunning, and held many memories for the couple.

I always like some spare confetti, so we can do some fun staged shots like this one. The smiles are natural, because I really do try and get people to have fun! A wedding is a celebration after all!

The first dance - its all about enjoying being a married couple. This hall was beautifully decorated, the perfect setting for a wedding!

Couples dread having their photo taken, normally up until the engagement shoot. Once they have gotten to know me they are normally pretty relaxed and having fun, just like Kat and Luke. However, on the big day, its a constant stream of entertaining your guests - couples very often don't get much time together, certainly not alone.

I like to give them a break for 10 minutes, where they get to relax and enjoy being married together - these are often the best photos of the day! Here, Kat and Luke are photographed enjoying the sunset.

I hope that you have enjoyed the photos, you can see the full set in their wedding photography album.


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