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Wedding music playlist

Wedding music is one of those really difficult things for a couple to agree on! In fact, where do you even get started? When you start down your road of booking up your wedding, the early things that you will think about are typically the venue, the photographer, and possibly the dress. Through that time, you will probably be discussing/debating music choices. Unlike the other three, you might be discussing this for the whole time that you are preparing!

That's why I thought it would be useful to start you off. From classical genius such as Bach's Cello Suite to modern wedding classics such as Christina Perri's A Thousand Years, my Spotify wedding playlist is not only a good listen, but very useful! This playlist is specifically aimed at walking down the aisle music, and the often forgotten signing the register music.

This and other wedding music can be found on my Approved Wedding Suppliers page.

Signing of the register you say?! Yes, and typically this can last 10-15 minutes, so its good to have enough music to cover it. I hope you like it - if you have any you think should be added, please comment below and I will see if I want to add it to the list!


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